Book Reports for Grown Ups

Book Reports for Grown Ups – that is how I see the article reviews that I use for my LinkedIn posts.  They are short and sweet and hopefully bring an article to the attention of someone who would otherwise not see it.  But what does it do for me?  It forces me to take the time and read the article, think about it and then summarize it in just a few short lines.  I like getting my professional publications and I always intend to find the time to read them but without that small push of needing to for a post, to be honest, I find that other things, Many Other Things seem to jump the line and the articles slide to the end of the list, where they gather amongst themselves – along with a layer of dust.

Giving myself a deadline of posting one article post a week gives me the impetus to find articles that are of interest to me, read them and then write the post.  Sometimes I even get so involved that I write several in one sitting.

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