Evolution not Revolution

Ever wonder why the training sessions you take don’t “Stick” afterward?

I have been a professional trainer/facilitator for my entire career (I even have a degree in it) and have seen many training sessions fail to make an impact.

Here is my one simple piece of advice for making any workshop you attend effective: remember that all learning is an Evolution not a Revolution.

I know, I know – it is tempting to want to change the world (yours or other peoples’) through the great content you learn in a workshop but that isn’t how true, lasting change is best accomplished. 

Trying to put Everything you learned from a workshop into practice all at once is doomed to fail. 

It becomes too overwhelming.  You get frustrated and give up, sometimes in just a matter of days.  Learning is really a change process dressed up in fun activities.

Instead, try this: pick 1 or 2 things you want to focus on Immediately (that day or the next) and stay with that until that becomes more like a habit. Then add a something else to the list and work it into the new way of doing things.  Before you know it, you will have mastered the new skill set without the pain, frustration, and risk of failure.

I like to have my workshop participants keep a paper handy throughout the session.  It is divided it into 3 sections: Low, Medium, and High.  The LOW stuff is what you will start with immediately – the easy or low risk stuff.  The MEDIUM stuff comes a bit later as you gain confidence and the HIGH list items come last or maybe not at all but you have it captured just in case. 

After the workshop, this becomes your plan of attack for the Evolution you are going to have. 

Download this Free Master the Learning Evolution handout to try during your next learning opportunity.

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