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Capability Statement

We specialize in delivering your training content to your audience.

Companies are comprised of people. People who, sooner or later, need new skills, understanding, and knowledge.
Today’s training strategies are as varied as the people they seek to train.
Occasionally, your company will find that it has gaps in its training program, either in knowledge or bandwidth.
When that happens, you need a way to quickly fill the gap so that your people don’t lose momentum.

Delivering the training is the most important step in the training process. It needs to be done professionally and with the participants’ unique needs in mind. We want your audience to leave your training sessions feeling empowered, confident and eager to put into action the concepts and skills they just learned.

What you get when you hire Training de Jour

Over 25 years of classroom training experience
A Certified specialist in corporate training topics
A Trainer with an educational background in training theory
Memorable training delivered with humor and fun
An understanding of change management and its role in training
Flexibility and fluidity to meet the participants training needs
A zest for training in difficult situations
An enthusiasm when facing difficult participants.

About the team and the work we do

Training de Jour is a boutique facilitation services company. We specialize in meeting your training need gaps and supporting your training team’s efforts. We do this by providing seasoned workshop facilitators to step in and assist your training team in meeting its goals. We can quickly come up to speed with your training content and then present, under your corporate umbrella, the content to your audience, clients or employees.

With over 25 years of training and development experience, we bring to every training situation a wealth of education and real world experience. Specializing in business skills training, we have developed and presented training on a wide range of topics, from Microsoft Office Suite to custom to proprietary products as well as business and management skills.

Headquartered in Silver Spring, MD, we conduct business locally (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia), nationwide, internationally, and virtually. Please feel free to contact us.

Team Certificates

ATD Logo
ATD Master Trainer

Myers-Briggs Logo
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Duarte Facilitator

TTI Company Logo
TTI Success Insights

DiSC Logo
DISC Certified Facilitator

MCT Badge 2020_2021
Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

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Microsoft Office Specialist Master (MOS)

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True Colors Personality Model

Some of the topics we can provide training on:

Presentation Skills

Presentations that Stick

Speaking with Confidence

6 Steps to Creating Great Slides

Being an Informal Trainer

Facilitator Training

Common Communication Skills

Difficult Conversations

Handling Difficult People

Improved Listening Skills

Interpersonal Communications Skills

Leadership Presence

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills for Non-Supervisors

Leading Change

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Managing with the True Colors Spectrum

Working Virtually

Virtual Training Skills

Your Presence Online

Master Your Virtual Meetings

Time Management

Increasing Personal Effectiveness

Master Your Long Documents

Personal Success with True Colors

Selling with True Colors

Team Building

Selling with DISC

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Virtual Production Services

Proprietary Software Applications

Project Management

What our clients and attendees are saying…

Thanks for teaching me the ropes! I feel much more confident with the program.
This is a tough subject to keep engaging for 7 hours, and the instructor (Heather Archer) did a great job.
Excellent class! Instructor was fantastic! She kept a perfect pace. It was not overwhelming, but did not get redundant or boring. She answered all questions thoroughly and was exceptionally patient in dealing with the wide array of skill levels of the participants.
Jacqueline -2019
Instructor made good use of time, wasn’t rushed, explained material really well, very knowledgeable and provided useful tools. I got a lot out of the class.
Heather did not rush nor ignore questions for beginners. She was professional and understood the level of each student.
Heather was great, she had great chemistry with everyone and kept everyone motivated and involved. Thanks Heather.
Heather was great, definitely made a potentially painful day-long online course enjoyable
Over all class was informational and well timed. Heather took the correct speed to flow through a web class to get us the information we needed and allow us to be hands on.
I liked how Heather asked all participants at the beginning of class “what do you think your Word skill level is on a scale of 1-10?” This allowed her to know the audience and also allowed the participants to understand the skill level of their fellow classmates. HELPFUL.
Excellent instructor — would definitely take a class from Heather again!!
I wasn’t sure about how the webinar class would work, but it worked out great! Thank you, Heather(Teffy)
I wish I had taken this training sooner, it was so helpful and Heather was great!
This Webinar is so cool! Very convenient taking this class while at home drinking my ice tea as well.
It was fantastic having this course online because I was able to follow along on my Mac from home. This is not an option for in-person trainings. I do a lot of my work at home because I prefer Mac so this was an excellent opportunity. —and it was a BONUS to have it taught by Heather!

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